First Time Out

a variety show

A few nice words from past performers...

"When I heard about First Time Out, I was both excited for the chance to kick my own rear into gear, and nervous about rapping a handful of half-finished songs in front of multiple people at a time. 

Fortunately Molly has created the perfect forum for anyone who tends to balk at the prospect of the spotlight. As with most all experiences that involve taking small (in hindsight) risks, it was well worth the trepidation. I didn’t mangle more than a few phrases, and the butterflies all but evaporated by the time I stepped off stage. 

It's no accident that FTO combines all the essential ingredients for a performer-friendly show. To wit: 1) an intimate space brimming with good vibes, 2) an enthusiastic-yet-non-overwhelming crowd, 3) a diverse and thoughtfully curated lineup, and 4) a supportive host (that’s Molly) emceeing the evening with warmth and professionalism."

– Brendan Schlagel

"Before FTO, I was a wannabe singer/songwriter, but had no real understanding of how to make the 'singer' part happen. I hadn't performed in front of anyone in years, but I knew that I had written some solid songs, and I wanted a way to share them with people. FTO was the best way I can think of to dip my toe back in the water. Every single person, audience members and other acts alike, was so warm and encouraging that I forgot how nervous I was. Six months later, I've finished writing my album, and I'm gearing up for my first solo show. FTO gave me the confidence to believe that I can really do this. It was such a lovely experience from start to finish, and I think that anyone who needs an outlet to express their art should absolutely give FTO a go!"

Claire Rose Uschersohn

"I'm a trained actor, but I had never done stand-up comedy before. I was very nervous and kept putting off the day I was going to try it. I passed up half a dozen open mic's because of my fears. When a friend posted about First Time Out, I knew it was going to be my first show. FTO is exactly what it sounds like: a fun, friendly place for both performers and novices to try out something new! The audience and other performers made the entire night an enjoyable experience. Now I perform stand-up comedy every week."

– Geoff Barnes

"The bar filled up quickly with familiar faces. The show started with great bands and funny skits. About 15 minutes into the show, my voice coach told me I had to change my song. He said, 'You are a performer now and performers do this all the time. Trust me. This is your song for tonight.' Molly welcomed me on stage and I went from a barely breathing lip biting nervous wreck to a confident energetic performer. The blood rushed back up from my feet. My voice coach was stage left and thousands of fans were cheering as I prepared the mic. Ok, so maybe there weren't thousands of fans, but it sure felt that way. You know when the directors in movies try to capture that silent moment when the actors feel completely sublime and in their own world? I felt that. It was real. I probably won't quit my day job but don't be surprised if I take my music to the next level."

Alfredo Rabines

"I recently brought my true singing voice straight from my shower to the FTO stage. Paralyzed with nerves, I downed a cocktail and went for it...and the crowd began dancing! And roared with applause after! They patted me on the back and gave me kind words as I moved through them. I know they were being the supportive FTO crowd, but deep down I also know I deserved it!

Brava to Molly- she's a generous pillar of fun and encouragement. I've never seen anyone more passionately create a safe and supportive space for the first-timer turtles among us, we who shuffle through life hiding sparks inside, only letting them explode alone, behind closed doors. We're closeted performers, and in this great era of freedom of expression of who we are, Molly is a heroic firewoman, axing down the bathroom door and carrying us out of the shower into the light!"

Eva Navon

"Being a part of First Time Out felt like opening a window and letting the music be out there in the world. I think that music reaches a different level when we can share and experience it with other people. First Time Out creates a space for this to happen among great people.

After my experience, I feel that I want to keep that window open and continue to bring my music outside of familiar walls.”

Mathanki Kalapathy

"I was so nervous on my way there, but the second I walked into the door I felt instantly at home. It was my first time performing live, and I couldn't think of a better environment to take that giant leap. It gave me the confidence to put myself out there time and time again. The wine was great, the company was excellent, and the other performers absolutely blew my mind. I really couldn't recommend it more."

Dean Ginsberg

"I was getting that debilitating fear that one gets when you are trying something new or want to try something new.

I'm telling you yes before I stop myself.
I'm doing a stand up act that I have not yet written, not yet tested, not yet rehearsed.

I'll be doing stand up for the first time in front of your audience.
Thank you for the opportunity to fall flat on my face or fly."

Gayatri Patel Bahl

"When Molly mentioned she was organizing a talent show, I desperately wanted to do it, but I was TERRIFIED. I have degrees in music and theater performance, yet I hadn't performed in a decade. Yet despite the fear, I signed up.

In the days and weeks leading up to it, I was more nervous than I can recall being in my life. A huge part of me clung to knowing I had talent, but just no venue to show it. There was safety in that. Now that I had a venue I was so scared of being, well, bad. The day before, I texted her to (seriously) ask if there would be alcohol at the place, and the day of, I came really, stupidly close to calling out sick.

But, I showed up. I played. I sang. People applauded. Shockingly, they complimented me and even more shockingly, I believed them. I felt AMAZING after, and in the hours and days that followed, part of me came alive that had been dormant for much too long. I'd gotten so used to stifling and ignoring my talent that actually using it gave me more immediate contentment than I could have imagined.

Since the variety show I've been more creative (and overall happier) in all areas, and have started seriously pursuing a writing career (another dream that I'd been putting off)."

Erin Winebark

"Thank you for inviting me to play the premiere First Night Out. It was great to be surrounded by other musicians and artists, who were so supportive and welcoming. It was a well-curated mix of acts that kept the audience engaged. Molly provided the perfect environment to try new material and dust off old songs."

Stephanie Davila